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Is two-factor authentication the future of secure government services?

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 29-Sep-2016 16:47:48

In 2015, myGov was caught in a bit of a security snafu when it encouraged users to turn off two-factor authentication so that users ‘can spend more time doing the important things’.

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Topics: two-factor authentication

Forget spreadsheets: here’s how blockchain could transform government transactions

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 23-Sep-2016 09:54:58

Ever wanted to know how blockchain technology can reduce fraud? Or better yet, how governments around the globe are implementing the technology for better digital services? Well the GovInnovate Team has you covered. 

We sat down with Rob Hanson, Senior Research Consultant for the Data61 Insight Team at CSIRO, to discuss the possibilities of blockchain technology when used in the public sector.

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Topics: blockchain

The new era of digital identity: where does Australia sit?

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 16-Sep-2016 12:37:25

Is it easy for people to prove who they are when using digital government services? And can the government trust that people are who they claim they are online?

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Topics: digital identity

The future of digital government and how we can get there

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 08-Sep-2016 15:26:21

Our intuition about the future is linear. But the reality of information technology is exponential, and that makes a profound difference. If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion.”

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Topics: Digital Transformation

Encryption: why government departments need to know about it

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 05-Sep-2016 12:42:16

You may remember the Apple case against the US government earlier this year; it sparked one privacy debate among many, but most importantly, it turned over the first digital forensics stone known to the public ear.

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Topics: Mobile Encryption

Impact report: how two governments transformed service delivery

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 19-Aug-2016 16:04:11

Government’s today don’t have to be tarred with the laggard-technology brush especially with the latest developments in technology that are at the tips of our fingers.

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Topics: Digital Delivery

The no-nonsense guide to load testing your digital platforms

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 15-Aug-2016 10:41:10

Developing a web or mobile application takes a lot of effort, but all that effort is easily wasted if your services become obsolete or can’t handle a high volume of users. This is why underlying the notion of digital government is the idea that platforms need to remain agile and responsive of changes. But how can we achieve this?

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Topics: load testing

Striving for transparency: assessing Australia’s new Performance Dashboard

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 08-Aug-2016 12:52:23

Openly accessible data is the new Holy Grail to many government departments across the globe, but collating information from a variety of different sources, putting it together into something meaningful and then displaying it coherently is where the biggest challenge lies.

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Topics: Open Data, Performance Dashboard

Is the Digital Economy Bill a stepping-stone to our digital future?

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 01-Aug-2016 16:34:45

The UK Government has led many governments across the globe since it developed the Government Digital Service (GDS) in 2011, and with the introduction of the Digital Economy Bill, this digitally leading nation is pushing the goal posts even further.

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Topics: Digital Government, Digital Economy Bill

Improving and operationalising your incident-response plan

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 29-Jul-2016 09:30:00

Feeling a little bit like cyber attacks are too far out of your department’s control? It’s safe to say you’re probably not the only one. We all hope that cyber attacks only occur in some far-distant land, but unfortunately risks are set to increase. and no organisation can purport to be risk free.

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Topics: Cyber Security, Cyber Attack Mitigation, Incident-Response Plan

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