GovInnovate Brief

Q&A with data titan Pete Williams: How data driven insights can transform service delivery

How do we judge digital government readiness?

Rethinking the approach to citizen engagement

Blockchain technology: The good, the bad, the implementation

Improving the status of digital health in Australia

5 quick tips to balance security and innovation

Australia Post: Creating frictionless digital identity services

5 eGovernment lessons for delivering a great user experience

Self-service government: What to do and what to avoid

Delivering the next generation of government services

Public sector cyber security in an evolving threat landscape

How open government data can reboot public service delivery

Data privacy in the context of digital service delivery

Preparing for an ageing population: Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative

Simplifying the tender process with the Digital Marketplace Australia

Government in a technologically savvy, citizen-centric era

3 different approaches to digital government

Key digital government milestones from the last 20 years

4 essential pillars of digital government

Technology trends that will drive digital government in 2017

Fireside chat part 2:  The structure of the United States Digital Service

Government cloud migration: allaying your privacy concerns

Is Australian digital government at a crossroad?

What the public sector can learn from Yahoo’s cyber intrusions

Fireside chat part 1: What is transformation in the context of government?

The Australian Privacy Commissioner's speech on de-identification at GovInnovate 2016

The Digital Marketplace: Will it transform public sector procurement?

3 critical aspects of digital inclusion: Access, adoption and application

Is Australia in need of a data revolution?

Can big data help the growing population in Australia?

Innovating payment systems: Q&A with the Department of Human Services

Building 21st Century digital government: What to expect at GovInnovate 2016

5 must-read Big Data books for the public sector

Is two-factor authentication the future of secure government services?

Forget spreadsheets: here’s how blockchain could transform government transactions

The new era of digital identity: where does Australia sit?

The future of digital government and how we can get there

Encryption: why government departments need to know about it

Impact report: how two governments transformed service delivery

The no-nonsense guide to load testing your digital platforms

Striving for transparency: assessing Australia’s new Performance Dashboard

Is the Digital Economy Bill a stepping-stone to our digital future?

Improving and operationalising your incident-response plan

Why the public sector needs to use social media

Does blockchain have the potential to transform government?

Is digital government as simple as a 5-stage journey?

Consider these global Internet trends for your next digital service project

3 challenges Australia needs to address before rolling out better digital services

Taking the offence to foreign threats with cyber intelligence

Everything you need to know about the Digital Service Standard

Recruiting and engaging a digitally literate workforce

Digital maturity assessment: where does your agency sit?

Supporting digital transformation: highlights from CeBIT Australia 2016

Adopting a mobile-first policy: why it shouldn’t be just an afterthought

3 features of eGov Singapore every agency should know about

How to respond effectively to data breaches

Building digital government services: what you need to know

Adopting a risk-based approach to cybersecurity

How technology is bridging the divide for providing eHealth

Driving the Internet of Things in the public sector

The pros and cons of moving your data to the cloud

The beginners guide to creating meaningful interactions with citizens

Girl Scouts go global thanks to SAP hybris

Head of eCommerce solutions at AusPost talks about digital transformation

Data retention: meeting the balance between privacy and security

Why technology should serve the needs of the people

4 futuristic technologies set to transform city infrastructure

Managing security threats for BYOD policies in 2016

5 simple tips to make big data work for government

GovInnovate Summit 2015: Is Amazon the beacon for digital public services?

Why open data will evolve Australian Government, not inhibit it

How Australia Post is transforming digital delivery

Managing restricted data in an open world

How Estonia developed the world’s most efficient tax filing system

Canberra’s first CDO asks 3 simple questions on delivering great digital services

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