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Head of eCommerce solutions at AusPost talks about digital transformation

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 05-Feb-2016 14:58:18

We interviewed Andrew Walduck, Executive General Manager - Trusted eCommerce Solutions at AusPost, at the GovInnovate Summit in November last year. See what he says about shifting cultural mindset in large organisations to deliver better services. The full transcript is also available below.


Q: What were the biggest challenges of changing the operational structure of AusPost?

A: The challenges for us are similar to what any other large organisation looks to go through when they go and chart what is a fundamental transformation. How do you get a really big problem, and make that small enough so that you can take it off in bite size pieces and deal with that work in a simple, systematic way, and learn as you go and try to build confidence in wanting to work in a different way and wanting to solve problems using a different method.

Well the other big challenges of course is for an organisation making sure you orient the right way to start to listen to customers first, as a way for it to start to provide a path for how you want to design your services and fundamentally change just exactly how you want to be able to look after your customers in the future.


Q: What have been the biggest successes to date?

A: Well I think Post has got a well-charted transformation that has certainly been shifting our organisation over a substantial period of time. We seen demonstrable change in the type of services you can perform in a post office; you go back perhaps three years ago and the things you can do today didn’t event exist then. So not only can you connect with other people, and communities around the world, you can send them a letter (which some people are still doing), you can do that with parcels, but there’s also services on behalf of 750 businesses that you can perform inside of a post office. You can do those things online, you can do that in self-service kiosks and you can do that in substantial volumes in different ways.

Another big change as well is the evolution of the service we provide for organisations that want to be able to sell things online. So our biggest shift is helping to power eCommerce, and start to fuel the start-ups, the ideas, the businesses, and those who are emerging in the market as starting to create the new economic performance that’s happening in our country. So for us, what our customers are doing, what they expect of us, how we design our organisation; our achievements are in charting that path in building our business for the volume of customers that we serve everyday.


Q: What advice can you give state and local government agencies to help shift cultural mindset?

A: I think you need to think about how you express the problems that you have in the terms that you normally use inside of an organisation; you need language and symbols of change for people to know that it’s starting to be different.

So my advice for any other organisation, local, state, federal, or any other organisation that’s charting a path of digitisation, is start to tap your organisation into customers; what they are saying, what the services are that they’re really wanting to use and perhaps where they’re experiencing challenges. And use that as a basis for which you can build a burning platform for change, and that fuel can be what can align an organisation behind a problem, and then help to ensure you break that problem down into small enough pieces that you can get started on something, do it, learn, and then continue to evolve, and evolve and evolve.


Q: Where do you see AusPost in digital delivery in five years?

A: I think AusPost has always been part of Australian communities and we’ve helped people connect with each other and the world; we’ve done this for over 200 years. In five years its just the basis of how we do that will be fundamentally different, and so we see ourselves as absolutely not only powering eCommerce, but powering the digitisation of organisations who are wanting to do the same. We have a suite of capabilities that we will be bringing to bear to help governments and the corporate sector being able to connect with one another but also enable them to connect with their customers. The ways in which they can do that, for cheaper costs, for better delivery of services across Australia and also to ensure we provide the wonderful option of enabling customers to be able to choose how they interact with organisations.

So certainly that can be done digitally, also we do that physically over the 4000 post offices that exist inside Australia


If you'd like to find out more about digital transformation and see how some of Australia's biggest government department's are implementing their projects, you can request the CeBIT Australia eGovernment 2016 agenda here


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