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Is Australia in need of a data revolution?

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 04-Nov-2016 16:47:18

Australians are great at creating data, but according to the Productivity Commission’s Peter Harris, we’re not very good at using it. In fact, of all the data being created (approximately five exabytes every two days), only 5% of the ‘useful data’ is being put to good use.

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Can big data help the growing population in Australia?

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 28-Oct-2016 12:47:13

Australia’s population is set to grow by 37% in the next 15 years to 30.5 million people. Combine this with an aging population and there may be too much added pressure to our infrastructure.

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5 simple tips to make big data work for government

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 11-Dec-2015 10:05:21

As government’s begin to ride the wave of innovation, it will be important for departments across federal, state and local levels to make sense of these vast and complex new sets of information.

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Why open data will evolve Australian Government, not inhibit it

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 23-Nov-2015 16:31:30

A recent report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (Ceda) predicted almost 40% of existing jobs will disappear because of technological advancements. CEDA's chief executive, Professor Stephen Martin said jobs that involved "low levels of social interaction, low levels of creativity, or low levels of mobility and dexterity" were most likely to be replaced by automation.

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Topics: eGovernment, Digital Government, Big Data, Open Data

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