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Why open data will evolve Australian Government, not inhibit it

Posted by GovInnovate Team on 23-Nov-2015 16:31:30


A recent report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (Ceda) predicted almost 40% of existing jobs will disappear because of technological advancements. CEDA's chief executive, Professor Stephen Martin said jobs that involved "low levels of social interaction, low levels of creativity, or low levels of mobility and dexterity" were most likely to be replaced by automation.

“Our labour market will be fundamentally reshaped by the scope and breadth of technological change, and if we do not embrace massive economic reform and focus on incentivising innovation, we will simply be left behind in an increasingly competitive global marketplace”, Professor Martin states.

If “incentivising innovation” is the most appropriate direction, then what steps will help us on our way?

First, utility - CIO, Bill Wilkins shared some advice in Computer Weekly, that may help. He believes that “Data” is the key to innovation and success and that it becomes more valuable when it’s weaved together and used for crosspurposes (datadriven).

To put it another way: Access, Reuse, Availability to a global Data pool is key to spurring on innovation.

Luckily, Australia is already way ahead of the game in the access, availability and reuse of government data (i.e. 

But, how can your department get involved? How can industry build products that are driven by local demand (“data driven”)? Everyday, government departments are collecting increasing amounts of data, but are it's depth and breadth being converted into something meaningful? There is mounting pressure on government's to turn big data into actionable information, so how can this be achieved?

Department's need to choose between cost, capacity, functionality, reliability and performance, and further, collecting, storing and processing structured and unstructured information needs to be thought out strategically. 

Open Data Org provides a fantastic resource to better understand the process, complexities and approaches of Open Data ( Open Data Handbook ). Combining these with the a purposebuild platform from Infinidat and NextDC, we’ll ensure you a successful architecture and a brighter, more innovative future that will enable government departments to better harness the opportunities of open data. 


About the author:


Mark Whithouse is the Director of Professional Services (Australia & New Zealand) at INFINIDAT

Mark has 20+ years experience in technology businesses. Founder of one startup and a team member of two startups listed on the NASDAQ and one acquired by a US NASDAQ listed company.

Mark has spent most of this time designing data management and data deliveryGovInnovate-Brief-Sponsor-Infinidat.pngarchitectures. This work has given him an appreciation of the problems facing companies as they try to scale
their information infrastructures.

Mark is an active member of both the Open Compute and Openstack Projects.


Topics: eGovernment, Digital Government, Big Data, Open Data

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